Tever IT Center

In April, 2021, we proposed to the Artsakh Ministry of Territorial Governance and Infrastructure our idea of establishing rural IT centers. Tever (Technology ever), as the centers would be named, would serve dual purposes: Support Our Heroes NGO would organize professional software engineering training for the village youth (ages 16-30), and once graduated, we would guarantee them well paying IT jobs, working for Yerevan based IT companies in the co-working space of the same center.

Per the agreement:

  • The building will be allocated to Support Our Heroes NGO by the municipality.
  • The ministry will run the fiber-optics cables to the IT center building.
  • Support Our Heroes NGO will renovate and remodel the building inside and out and furnish it, including all technical equipment (computers, servers, wall monitors, etc.).
  • Support Our Heroes NGO will organize and conduct the one year long IT training classes, secure the graduates their jobs, working in the same center remotely for Yerevan based IT companies, and manage the co-working office space.

We have now embarked on the first Tever center project in Artsakh, where the village of Nakhijevanik gets high speed fiber-optics internet, another first in Artsakh. Our first Tever will be in Nakhijevanik, Askeran.

The tri-party memorandum of understanding is signed between Support Our Heroes NGO, the Artsakh Ministry of Territorial Governance and Infrastructure and the municipality of Nakhijevanik.

The project is currently in full swing. Construction is slated to be completed by March, 2023, the first year training school to be completed by December 2023, after which the graduates will be placed in IT jobs at the co-working center.

Support Our Heroes NGO is currently looking for donations, to help finance Artsakh’s first Tever project.

Watch our presentation below.


In progress


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