Artsakh Strategic Repatriation

The September 2020 war ravaged the Artsakh region of Armenia, with population displaced from 75% of the territory.

Over 40,000 Armenian civilians were brutally forced out of their homes. The human catastrophe of the more than 5,000 casualties and 10,000 injured was followed by the unthinkable conditions of the more than 40,000 forcefully displaced indigenous people of this corner of the Armenian highland.

While the Armenian government in Armenia and Artsakh is doing everything possible within its means to help those who have lost their loved ones and possessions during the war, Support Our Heroes has pledged to mobilize its resources to help ease the conditions of the displaced families.

While humanitarian in nature, our project is strategic in its aim. Our target population segments are young families between the ages of 20 and 40, with multiple children and elderly parents, who have either already returned to Artsakh or are willing to repatriate either in their original homes, and if their homes are destroyed or remained in occupied territory, then to a different regional town or village in Artsakh, outside of Stepanakert.

Support Our Heroes is working with the government of Artsakh and the leadership of the Nakhijevanik village of the Askeran region, to construct a new neighborhood of 16 homes in the village. Young, multi-child repatriating families will be resettled in the new homes.



Arevik's family
Karen & Anna's family
Karen & Lilit's family
Samvel & Carina's family
Arayik & Armine's family